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SMA Couch to 5K Training Program!

SMA Couch to 5K Training Program!
Have you always wanted to be a runner but don’t know how to start? Here is your opportunity! St. Michael’s Academy will present an information session on its upcoming “SMA Couch to 5K” training program on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. at the school.

The information session will provide details on the eight week-long training series that will “kick-off” on Monday, March 9, 2015 and will be facilitated by runner Christopher Trotta. Participants need no prior running experience to join and will be guided in building a personal work-out regiment. The program is not a competition and will start slowly and go according to one’s ability. As an additional benefit, group members will have access to Trotta for personal consultation. The series will culminate with the running of St. Michael’s Academy annual 5K race on Saturday, May 2, 2015.

The cost of the series is $50 per person or $80 per couple and includes the entrance fee for the 5K for SMA race in May.

To register or for additional information, contact St. Michael’s Academy at (413) 782-5246

St. Michael's Academy Announces Second Quarter Honor Roll

St. Michael's Academy Announces Second Quarter Honor Roll
Students must have achieved a grade of “A+/A/A-” in all content areas. Work habits must exhibit a “1” or “2” code and conduct must be “satisfactory” in all subject areas.

Grade 8:
Paul Campbell, Jenna Ross, Benjamin Russell, Joshua Sears, Adam Tran

Grade 7:
Rachel Boudreau, Cameron Dougal, Jasmine Nieves, Julia Puppolo

Grade 6:
Emma Feeley, Regina Mastrangelo

Grade 5:
Clare Brunton

Grade 4:
Daunte Cole, Grace Gustafson, Dylan Njau, Isabella Principe, Olivia Puppolo, Brenna Sears, Sarah Szalai, Ethan Velez

Students must have achieved a grade of “A+/A/A-,” “B+/B/B-,” or a combination of “A” and “B” letter grades in all content areas. Work habits: “1,” “2” or “3” code; Conduct: “satisfactory” in all subject areas.

Grade 8:
Elijah Ayers, Alejandra Brenes, Katherine Ferri, Hannah Frigo, Hanson Hoang, Nicholas Jasiel, Kellyn Kuczarski, David Lam, Sarah Langone, Gerald Martin, Halie Matthew, Lily Mulcahy, Kali Stasio, Brandy Vu, Corinna Williams

Grade 7:
Joseph Crean, Maya Latour, Yvette Lin, Liam Lobik, Daniel Markey, Bryce Ordonez, Quan Pham, Madison Raschi, Anthony Rodriguez, Joel Rosario, Abaigeal Russell, Conor Sears, Michelle Senecal, Isabella Siniscalchi, Tia St. Julien

Grade 6:
Ava Barrett, Nayia Bell, Anthony Chafer, Ethan Chaffee, Brendan Connors, Tanya Dang, Daniel Doby, Jayna Ducharme, Elizabeth Jones, Sandra Joseph, Logan LaFleche, Ella LeTendre, Jonise McCalla, Brian Nelles, Ethan Nguyen, Akshar Patel, Michelle Vu

Grade 5:
Grace Bedore, Lydia Collins, Jada Flint, Lucas Garcia, Haley Hoang, Erin Lobik, Tina Nguyen, Colleen O'Neill, Petra Pooler, Joel Ramos, Declan Sears, Daniel Sears

Grade 4:
Carlie Carriere, Emma Chafer, Samuel Champigny, Hope Clark, Devin Deome, Nicholas Gendreau, Jadeline Hernandez, Vincent Maggi, Kaylie Moran, Luna Pham, Kaelan Pinnock, Liam Russell, Toma Sambou, Ryan Shaw, Christina Sitnik, Alina Suleri, Brian Tai, Camden Tarantino

Students must have achieved a combination of “A” and “B” letter grades in all content areas. One grade of “C+/C” will be allowed in this category. Work habits: “1,” “2” or “3” code; Conduct: “satisfactory” in all subject areas.

Grade 8:
Avianca Ayala, Sydney Ferri, Alisiana Marshall, Rosalee Sambou

Grade 7:
Aidan Kaufmann, Mylai LaPalm, Marc Warbington

Grade 6:
James Bell

Grade 4:
Marina Ayala, Shelbyrose Caparco, McKenna Houldson

School of the Future Winners Announced!

School of the Future Winners Announced!
Left to Right: The Melting Pot, The Longhorns and The Visionaries


The competition was tough but after all was said and done, it was the judges who had the hardest job of all! This year's challenge was to build a community center and the competition included 15 entries. Also added this year was "The People's Choice" award where people were able to log onto the SMA website and cast their vote for their personal favorite.

Winners were announced at the recent Open House and included:

First Place: The Melting Pot
Jackie Barrett, Sydney Ferri and Kellyn Kuczarski

Second Place: The Longhorns
Halie Matthew, Jacquez Johnson, Corrina Williams and Justin Gonzalez

Third Place: The Visionaries
Elijah Ayers, Richard Bordonaro, Joe McCoy and Gerry Martin

The People's Choice: The Melting Pot
Jackie Barrett, Sydney Ferri and Kellyn Kuczarski

About the Event:

Four years ago Brian Sears, a school board member and local Realtor, suggested this competition to the school in an effort to help students look towards the future after suffering the devastating loss of their school campus in the June 1, 2011 tornado.

The Council for Educational Facilities Planners International (CEFPI) and Realtors Association host this annual competition which challenges middle school school students from across the world to design a new and innovate learning environment.

The project has since become a culminating activity for the 8th Grade classes at St. Michael's Academy. This years class was challenged with building a community center of learning. The project was introduced the first day of school and students met weekly to work on various portions of this project. Final submissions included a written report, power point presentation, google sketch-up (this is a Computer Aided Drafting program), physical model and oral presentation. On Wednesday, January 21st, 15 teams of students competed in front of a panel of judges to decide this year's winning school team. The winners will then advance to compete at the state level in February.

Last years winning team moved all the way to the international level and competed against schools from throughout the United States in Portland, Oregon this past October, placing 3rd. This years winning team has the opportunity to eventually compete at 2015 CEFPI Conference being held in San Diego.


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