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          Welcome to St. Michael's Academy!

The SMA community understands that academic success can only be achieved through rich and challenging experiences in a nurturing environment where students develop a positive attitude and a lifelong desire to learn. This is why the focus of each day is the development of the whole child: spiritually, academically, creatively, physically, and socially. The day-to-day instruction and sharing help guide each child to learn how to make responsible choices and to practice these choices in various situations in the present, but such instruction will remain with them for a lifetime.

The academic program presents material across the curriculum in order to broaden the knowledge and understanding of both global and shared experiences, and each child has the opportunity to engage in stimulating age appropriate, hands-on activities that will develop their potential. 

Our faith dimension is incorporated into every aspect of the academic day. We welcome the exposure to diversity and the beauty thereof as our young people learn to be awed and appreciative of the beauty of God’s creation in the face of every person they meet. Our focus is to guide St. Michael students toward the realization that a friendship with God leads to a life lived with dignity and respect for self and other. 

Throughout each grade level in the school, students develop the character that embodies the Catholicity of SMA. They also become creative and critical thinkers, confident and open-minded researchers, responsible and thoughtful decision makers, articulate and reflective communicators, as well as contributors to our community.  Best of all, they become a part of a larger family!

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Ann Dougal