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Overview of the 4th Grade Curriculum


We are learning about our place in our Catholic community, our place in our own family, and what we can give to the world. 4th grade Religion topics include:

  • God’s goodness

  • Jesus as the Son of God

  • the Holy Spirit

  • the Church

  • social justice

  • the Ten Commandments

  • community service projects

  • liturgical and prayer services

  • an examination of the lives’ of saints

Language Arts:

Students in the 4th grade will focus on comprehension skills, vocabulary, various forms of writing, and making presentations. They will also study grammar and spelling. 4th grade Language Arts areas of focus include:

  • fiction (reading, writing, and presenting)

  • historical fiction

  • poetry

  • writing narrative, descriptive, and poetry pieces

  • non-fiction (reading, writing, and presenting)

  • read biographies, autobiographies, and expository articles

  • write and present expository writing

  • grammar (parts of speech, punctuation, and capitalization)

  • spelling


Each topic will introduce math vocabulary and include problem solving strategies used with the concepts being learned. Students will use manipulatives, and will work both independently and in teams to practice and apply the skills being taught. 4th grade Mathematics topics include:

  • place value through the millions

  • addition and subtraction of multi-digit whole numbers

  • multiplication of two digit numbers

  • long division up to four digit dividends and one digit divisor

  • fractions - ordering, equivalent fractions, addition/subtraction of like denominators, mixed numbers

  • decimals (tenths and hundreths)

  • geometry (area, perimeter, lines, and angles)

  • algebra

  • multiple step problem solving using four operations


The 4th grade Science curriculum focuses on Earth Science, Physical Science, Space and Technology, and Life Science. Areas of focus include:

  • hurricanes and tornadoes

  • minerals and rocks

  • changes to Earth’s surface

  • heat

  • electricity and magnetism

  • sound and light

  • objects in motion

  • Earth’s cycles

  • inner and outer planets

  • cells

  • energy from plants

  • the human body

Social Studies:

The 4th grade social studies program explores the United States through topics that include:

  • the five regions of the United States, including the culture of each

  • famous Americans and citizen heroes

  • landmarks and monuments

  • history

  • economics

  • science/technology

  • geography

  • map and globe skills

  • current events, both domestic and global

  • government

  • Canada and Mexico

Extended Programs:

  • Physical Education

  • Health

  • Computer Skills

  • Music

  • Art

  • Spanish