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Overview of the 6th Grade Curriculum


The focus of the 6th grade Religion curriculum is the Old Testament. Students will explore the fulfillment of all the Father has promised through the life of Jesus. 6th grade Religion’s areas of focus include:

  • books of the bible

  • understanding the inspired Word of God

  • God reveals a plan of love

  • God forms a family of faith

  • God guides the chosen people

  • God leads the chosen people

  • prophets prepare the Lord’s way

  • community service projects

  • liturgical and prayer services

  • Family Life

  • Called to Protect

Language Arts:

The Language Arts curriculum for the 6th grade includes:

  • reinforcement of mechanics, vocabulary, and literary terms derived from the literature series

  • journal writing on a variety of topics and issues

  • creative writing

  • focus on the many genres of literature (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama)

  • unit on poetry, including writing, analyzing, critiquing, and present a variety of poems

  • independent reading assignments, particularly with novels

  • reading-based projects


Coursework will include practice exercises, quizzes, chapter tests, and homework. Some project work will be assigned throughout the year. The 6th grade Mathematics curriculum includes:

  • statistics and the real world application of whole numbers

  • connecting arithmetic to algebra

  • decimals (all operations learned in previous years)

  • measurement (US customary and metric)

  • patterns and number theory

  • fractions (all operations)

  • geometry of polygons

  • integers

  • ratios, proportions, and percent

  • solids and measurement

  • probability


6th graders will be exploring the realm of Earth Sciences. This includes a broad study of the Earth’s inner and changing surface. Students will work on their critical thinking skills while engaging in class discussions, laboratory experiences, and other applications to showcase what they have learned. Areas of focus include:

  • the nature of science/science is all around us

  • astronomy

    • exploring space

    • the Sun-Earth-Moon System

    • the Solar System

    • stars and galaxies

  • Earth’s air and water

    • atmosphere

    • weather

  • oceans

    • oceanic motion

    • Oceanography

  • Earth’s internal processes

    • plate tectonics

    • earthquakes and volcanoes

Social Studies:

The coursework in 6th grade Social Studies focuses on map skills, the five themes of geography, and continental studies as they pertain to the themes. Each topic will include a connections to modern life, skills activities, and projects. Themes for 6th grade Social Studies include:

  • map skills

  • examining the various types of maps

  • the five themes of geography (location, place, human environmental interaction, region, and movement)

  • continental studies (in relation to the five themes of geography)

  • current events

Extended Programs:

  • Physical Education

  • Health

  • Computer Skills

  • Music

  • Art

  • Spanish