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Overview of the 7th Grade Curriculum


The focus of the 7th grade religious curriculum is the Story of Jesus as told in the New Testament. Students will explore Jesus’s birth, celebrate scripture, and deepen in their understanding of the Catholic faith. Areas of focus for 7th grade Religion include:

  • the mystery of the Incarnation

  • the meaning of the Kingdom

  • the Christian life

  • the Paschal mystery

  • the Good News

  • community service projects

  • liturgical and prayer services

  • encourage strong Catholic values

Language Arts:

7th grade Language Arts examines literature through a more critical lens, and also continues to develop spelling, vocabulary and writing. Areas of development include:

  • fiction

  • nonfiction

  • short stories

  • poetry

  • drama

The curriculum in 7th grade Language Arts also includes class study of novels, in-class and out of class independent reading, and journaling.


7th grade mathematics coursework will include practice exercises, quizzes, chapter tests, and homework. Some project work will be assigned throughout the year. The areas of focus in 7th grade math includes:

  • statistics and the real world application of whole numbers

  • connecting arithmetic to algebra

  • decimals (all operations learned in previous years)

  • measurement (US customary and metric)

  • patterns and number theory

  • fractions (all operations)

  • geometry of polygons

  • integers

  • ratios, proportions, and percent

  • solids and measurement

  • probability


The 7th grade focus is Life Science. Students will identify questions that can be answered through scientific investigation and carry out investigations. Students will use diverse ways to learn about the natural world including, but not limited to laboratory work, investigations, and field study. Areas of specific focus in 7th grade Science include:

  • biomes

    • plant and animal interactions

  • the human body

    • systems of the human body

    • cells

  • plants

    • life cycles

    • growth phases

  • the animal kingdom

    • birds

    • fish

    • mammals

    • reptiles

    • invertebrates

    • amphibians

Social Studies:

The 7th grade Social Studies course includes the following topics and themes:

  • ancient India

  • ancient China

  • ancient Greece and Rome

  • regional civilizations

  • the Age of Encounter

  • Europe in the Middle Ages

  • the Renaissance and Reformation

  • revolution and empires

The course also covers current events, including oral reports given by students. Various enrichment activities will be a part of the class as well.

Extended Programs:

  • Physical Education

  • Health

  • Computer Skills

  • Music

  • Art

  • Spanish