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An Overview of the 8th Grade Curriculum


The focus of the 8th grade Religion curriculum is two-fold in that students explore the Catholic Church history and concepts of Catholic morality. Themes include:

  • the mystery of the Church

  • the marks of the Church

  • the history of the Church

  • the witness of the Church

  • community service projects

  • liturgical and prayer services

  • encourage strong Catholic values

  • Family Life

Language Arts:

The Language Arts curriculum of the 8th grade includes:

  • weekly reinforcement of mechanics

  • vocabulary derived from the literature series and dictation

  • journaling

  • creative writing utilizing the Writer’s Workshop Process

  • fiction (short stories and novels)

  • poetry unit involving the process of writing, analyzing, critiquing, and presenting different types of poems

  • introduction to public speaking

  • students will read novels and complete various projects outside of class


8th grade coursework in mathematics includes significant practice exercises as well as a variety of multi-length projects for both levels.

Algebra (topics include):

  • operations with rational numbers

  • variables, functions, and graphs

  • solving equations and inequalities

  • linear equations and exponential functions

  • quadratic, radical, and rational expressions and equations

Pre-Algebra (topics include):

  • reinforcement of basic operations with rational numbers

  • Algebraic concepts, including equations, inequalities, functions, and graphs

  • foundations of geometry, including perimeter, area, and volume

  • ratios, proportions, and percents

  • data statistics, and probability


8th graders explore the realm of Physical Science, including a broad study of both chemistry and physics. Students will work on their critical thinking skills while engaging in class discussions, laboratory experiences, and other applications to showcase what has been learned. Areas of specific focus in 8th grade Science include:

  • matter - atoms, elements, differing states, and the periodic table

  • chemistry - atomic structure, reactions, mixtures, and substances

  • motion and forces - momentum, fluids, and Newton’s laws

  • energy - energy resources, simple machines, alternative energy

  • waves, sound, and light - electromagnetism and lenses

  • school design project (planning and creating the schematics for a functional school)

Social Studies:

The 8th grade Social Studies themes and topics include:

- Pre-Civil War North and South
- The Reform Movements
- Factors Leading to Civil War
- Reconstruction
- Westward Expansion
- The Industrial Age
- Urban Society
- The Progressive Era
- Rise to World Power
- World War I
- The Jazz Age
- The Great Depression
- The New Deal

The aforementioned topics will include enrichment activities, case studies, skills activities, history simulations, and interdisciplinary connections.

Extended Programs:

  • Physical Education

  • Health

  • Computer Skills

  • Music

  • Art

  • Spanish