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Curriculum Overview for the 1st Grade


The focus of the 1st grade Religion curriculum is to foster growth as a member of the church community and to facilitate expressing the Love of Jesus in the Christian community.

Religion themes include:

  • our Church community

  • our loving God

  • God’s son Jesus

  • The Holy Spirit

  • Feast Days/Holy Days

  • Church Calendar

Family Life is a supplement to the core religious education and is incorporated into our religious education program.

The 1st grade will also be participating in community service projects, liturgical and prayer services, as well as various other activities to promote and encourage strong Catholic values.

Language Arts:


  • consonant sounds

  • short and long vowel sounds

  • consonant blends

  • digraphs


  • Main idea

  • cause and effect

  • sequencing

  • author’s purpose

  • predicting


  • nouns

  • verbs

  • adjectives

  • complete sentences (subjects and predicates)

  • short paragraphs

  • review correct letter and number formation

  • correct letter case within sentences

Writing is incorporated throughout the entire 1st grade curriculum


The 1st grade mathematics curriculum will include daily exercises to encourage independent mathematical exploration, including:

  • numbers through 100

  • understanding single digit addition and subtraction

  • geometry

  • identifying money

  • telling time to the hour and ½ hour

  • place value (ones, tens, hundreds)

  • fact families through 18

  • fraction concepts (½, ?, ¼)

  • standard forms of measurement

  • graphs

Writing is done through the use of reflections and written responses to word problems


The 1st grade science curriculum is a broad exploration of Life, Physical, Earth, Space and Technology Sciences, including:

  • healthy living

  • five senses

  • living and nonliving things

  • plants and animals

  • matter

  • movement and sound

  • energy

  • the sun and moon

  • simple machines

Critical thinking is promoted throughout the science curriculum through hands-on scientific investigations

Social Studies:

We use Scholastic News to Cover Current Events, including:

  • citizenship

  • rules we follow

  • communities (laws and leaders)

  • holiday traditions

  • different kinds of weather

  • inventors, innovators, and inventions

  • geography and map skills

  • American history

  • economics (needs and wants, goods and services, and jobs)

Extended Programs:

  • Physical Education

  • Health

  • Computer Skills

  • Music

  • Art

  • Spanish