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Overview of the 2nd Grade Curriculum


Second grade is the year in which we focus on the sacraments of First Penance and First Eucharist. In addition to preparing for these sacraments, units include:

  • We Gather As Believers

  • We Ask God’s Forgiveness

  • We Celebrate the Word of God

  • We Celebrate the Gift of the Eucharist

  • We Go in Peace

Students also learn about feasts and seasons of the Church, our Catholic heritage, and Family Life. We participate in prayer services and school liturgies monthly.

Language Arts:

  • phonics

  • reading and phonemic comprehension

  • writing

  • grammar

  • study skills

In addition to journaling and regular writing assignments, children complete monthly book reports and/or research projects.


Topics include:

  • building upon addition and subtraction skills

  • two and three digit addition and subtraction (with and without regrouping)

  • place value

  • counting money

  • geometry

  • fractions

  • measurement

  • time and temperature

  • graphs and probability

  • numbers and patterns to 1000

  • an introduction to multiplication and division


Throughout the year, we study Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Matter, Space, and Technology. Units include:

  • plants and animals

  • weather and seasons

  • fossils and dinosaurs

  • matter and energy

  • sound and motion

Social Studies:

Units and topics include:

  • Where We Live

    • living in communities and neighborhoods

    • our Commonwealth/State and our Country

  • Our Earth

    • how and where people live

    • caring for our resources

  • Working Together

    • goods and services

    • needs and wants

    • trading and moving goods

    • bartering goods and services

  • Our Country Long Ago

    • first Americans

    • European colonists

    • westward ho! - our country grows

  • People and Places in History

    • family history

    • celebrations and holidays

Extended Programs:

  • Physical Education

  • Health

  • Computer Skills

  • Music

  • Art

  • Spanish