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Overview of the Kindergarten Curriculum


The Religion curriculum fosters a love of God, self, and others. The kindergarten also participates in our school-wide liturgical and prayer services, as well as various activities to promote and encourage Catholic values.

Themes of the Religion Curriculum

  • God’s love creates the universe

  • God’s love gives us Jesus

  • prayers

  • Holy Days/Saints

Language Arts:

  • phonemic awareness (consonant and short vowel sounds)

  • oral language (speaking in complete sentences)

  • comprehension (identifying main ideas, cause and effect, predicting, and sequencing)

  • grammar (identifying and naming action and describing words; using period/end marks, question marks, and exclamation marks)

  • handwriting (correct pencil grip, introducing correct letter and number formations)


Through a variety of manipulatives and activities, Kindergarten students will be prepared to meet the academic challenges of the math concepts we study. These include:

  • classification

  • sorting

  • position/location

  • counting (1-30)

  • skip counting

  • geometry

  • introduction to measurement

  • addition and subtraction readiness

  • introduction to time and money


  • Life Science (plants, animals, and habitats)

  • Earth Science (landforms and weather)

  • Physical Science (matter, heat and light)

  • Space and Technology (day and night; how things work)

Social Studies:

  • family culture (families, homes, communities, and rules)

  • national holidays

  • geography (weather, seasons, and map skills)

  • economics (jobs, needs, and wants)

  • the USA (national symbols)