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School Counselor

The counseling program is designed to support all aspects of a student's life. Counseling provides academic support, behavioral management skills, and social/emotional guidance. The following counseling services are provided:

  • individual and small group counseling
  • referrals to outside counseling services within the community
  • consultations with teachers and parents

The services offered are many and diverse, but the foremost concern is to be available to students. The counselor, Mrs. Cullen, is the link among parents, teachers, and students. Parents are encouraged to communicate their questions and/or concerns regarding their child's well-being and success with the school counselor. Likewise, all students are welcome to schedule appointments with the school counselor, but signed parental consent is needed. Counseling services are provided during the school day. The counselor collaborates with the student's teacher and sets a time during the day that works for both. Appointments are usually between 25-35 minutes long. Depending on the reason for referral, the counselor will meet with students once a week, once every other week, or check in with them monthly. Small groups are held based on need, and the topics (i.e. social and emotional development, support groups, behavioral management groups, etc.) are dependent on the school year and the needs of the students. Groups are usually between 4-6 members and consist of students from the same grade. Groups also require signed parental consent. Groups are also held during the school day at a time that has been approved by the teacher.