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That's the St. Michael's Academy difference!

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in St. Michael's Academy. We are delighted that you are considering a partnership with us in the education of your child. It is an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your child’s life.

St. Michael's Academy was founded in 2009 but draws upon the tradition of over one hundred years of Catholic education in the city of Springfield, sharing the teachings of the Roman Catholic faith.

St. Michael's Academy can offer your child an advanced educational experience that not only includes high level academics, but also provides the opportunity for the formation of high moral values, a sense of respect for themselves and others, the development of critical thinking skills, the boosting of self confidence and the growth of personal organizational skills. These are skills that will lay the foundation for a child's entire life. Through an innovative, rigorous curriculum and a culture of high expectations and mentored learning, we ignite a love of learning within our students and guide them to be life-long learners. Our integrated curriculum is defined by clear learning expectations where students are readied at each grade for success at the next level. We provide a safe environment both physically but emotionally as well. An environment where students are not afraid to take risks for fear of failure. A nurturing, inclusive environment where students come to know and appreciate students from diverse traditions and backgrounds.

We invite you to learn more about St. Michael's Academy by visiting us or by contacting the Admissions Office at 413.782.5246.

Why Are More Parents Choosing St. Michael's Academy?

Why Are More Parents Choosing St. Michael's Academy?

As a parent, you want the very best for your child and when it comes to education, that statement could not be more true.  On behalf of St. Michael's Academy, welcome to the largest Catholic elementary school in western Massachusetts serving students from prekindergarten through eighth grade.  Here, your child will receive an education filled with the necessary skills to provide them with a solid foundation for a lifetime of success.

Our mission at St. Michael's Academy is not just to provide an outstanding academic experience but to also "ignite" a love of learning within our students. We strive to educate the whole child in a safe and welcoming environment where students and their families feel that they are a part of a larger community. 

Equally important is learning how to live a faith-based life that teaches respect, strong moral character and the value of service to others. Our students learn that a relationship with God is the strongest, life-long friendship that they can ever acquire. It is the combination of strong academics and the formation of a faith based moral character that consistently places our students at the top as they move on to high school and college. That is the St. Michael's Academy difference.

Our school welcomes students from all religious backgrounds and encourages a sharing of diverse cultures. Our dedicated and talented faculty values a partnership with families in the education and formation of each student. They are dedicated to the success of each individual student. We feel that communication between home and school is a critical component to a successful education.

The result? A well rounded student equipped with the knowledge and moral compass to succeed in the world. The proof? Our graduates enjoy success among our area’s best private and public high schools where they are accepted into accelerated classes, and then continue on to top-notch colleges and universities!


Submit An Application

Congratulations!  You are taking the first step towards providing your child(ren) with an outstanding academic opportunity.  Please click here to complete the St. Michael's Academy application.

Would You Like More Information?

We would be delighted to give you additional information about St. Michael's Academy.  Simply click here, complete the brief form and submit.  We will be in touch with you as soon as possible!


St. Michael's Academy welcomes students from all religions, backgrounds and cultures.

We are able to accept new students, according to the availability of space, on a "first come, first served" basis. St. Michael's Academy "officially" begins accepting students on April 1st but applications may be submitted on or after January 1st. These applications will then be accepted in the order that they are received beginning on April 1st. Priority is given to applicants who are siblings of current students.

There is a $20 fee in order to submit and application. You will also learn what additional items are needed to complete the application. After your application is reviewed and we are able to move forward in the process, you will receive an "enrollment packet" of the items needed to complete the enrollment process. Please note that your classroom slot is not secured until we receive all pieces of your completed application, a signed tuition agreement and $300 new student tuition deposit. If needed, these forms may also be found in this section under “Forms.” For students in grades 1-8, an acceptance decision cannot be made until records are received from the child's previous school. Please also know that if your child is accepted for admission, this tuition deposit will be deducted from your annual tuition. If the school is unable to accept your child due to age requirements or service needs, your $300 deposit will be refunded. If you apply and accept a seat at our school and then withdrawn, your tuition deposit will not be refunded. If you withdraw after July 1st, you will be responsible for one school quarter of tuition.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Admission Office via email or by calling (413) 782-5246, ext. 1208.

Invest in a child's education AND their future at St. Michael's Academy...It will pay dividends for life.!


Parent/Student FORMS
Please review the Application Process page for a list of documents required for a complete application at each grade level.

Please download all forms before printing.

Tuition Information

Tuition Information

St. Michael’s Academy is
proud to offer an outstanding and affordable private education for children in
grades PreK though 8th grade in a faith-centered learning environment.
Our mission is to provide a solid, well rounded foundation of  learning
that will prepare students for lives of continued learning, service and
leadership. A variety of tuition grant opportunities are also available.

Tuition Rates: 

2022-23 Academic Year

 Kindergarten through Grade 8 

1st Child  ……………….. $4,700               

Child ……………….  $4,500

Child ……………….  $4,300

Child  ……………....  No Charge

 Preschool Program (Ages 3 and 4)

full-week and limited partial week options

5 full days

5 full days with sibling
attending SMA …$5,650

3 full days,

2 full days, Tuesday/Thursday ….............$3,140

Tuition Deposit: A $300 non-refundable per
new student
 is due at the time of application.   Please
note, we are unable to process your application until the deposit, birth certificate and immunization records are received.  The deposit will be applied to your annual tuition. 

Cost to Educate: The current cost to St.
Michael’s  Academy
to educate each child in grades K to 8 is $6,911.  It is through the generous support of our
donors to the Fund for SMA and the Diocese of Springfield that we are able
to offer tuition rates at a discount below our actual costs to operate. Thank
you to all who continue to support the mission of St. Michael’s Academy through
their annual contributions. An investment in a Catholic education provides a
lifetime of rewards for your child.

Payment Information


1.    A non-refundable $300 tuition deposit is
required at the time of registration (see attached Tuition Information
Sheet).  The deposit is applied toward the student’s annual tuition
account.  Students will not be considered for admission until the Academy receives
all items needed for application. 

 2.    Payment for the new student tuition deposit may be made by cash,
check, or money order and needs to be sent directly to the school with a completed tuition agreement. Monthly tuition payments are made through the FACTS Management Company and you will need to set up a tuition payment account with them.  The Academy reserves the
right to require payment in cash or by bank check when the Academy has received
a check payment that has not cleared the bank.  In this case the
Academy reserves the right to require all future payments in cash or by bank

3.    Students whose tuition accounts are
delinquent by two months are at risk of being excluded from class until the
account is brought current.  Students who are in the eighth grade and
whose tuition is not paid in full by May 20th may be denied
participation in the end of year activities and graduation exercises.

 4.    Parents/guardians who are
experiencing financial difficulty should contact the Business Office or
Admissions Office as soon as possible.  We encourage families to
apply for tuition grants whenever possible.      

Payment Options

Tuition and fees may be paid by cash, check, or electronic
withdrawal in accordance with one of the following options. 

Full Payment Option - Payment in
full must be received on or before July 31st.
  Payment is
made directly to St. Michael’s Academy.  If payment is not made by July 31st,
enrollment in the monthly payment option below is required and payments would begin in August using a 10 month cycle.  

Monthly Payment Option - Monthly payments made via
electronic withdrawals by FACTS Management Company from payer’s checking or
savings account. Withdrawals are made on the 5th or 20th of
each month, begin in July and may be budgeted over a maximum of 11 months. 
FACTS collects an annual enrollment fee for this service.  For families
already enrolled in FACTS, signing the tuition agreement and submitting it for registration will authorize St. Michael’s to
automatically activate your account.  To set-up a new agreement, go


St. Michael’s Academy considers the cost of education as a full
school year expense.  Enrollment numbers dictate the number of
teachers and academic materials that are needed for each student’s full-year
Please be aware that if you withdraw your
previously registered student after July 1 and before the start of the academic
year, you will be liable for one quarter of the tuition. If a withdrawal
occurs after the start of the academic year, you will be responsible for
tuition due to the end of the quarter you withdraw in.  
who choose to withdraw their child/ren from St. Michael’s must notify the
Academy in writing.  The family is responsible for contacting
the Business Office to cancel the FACTS payment plan.  The FACTS
tuition account will remain open until all outstanding debts for tuition and
the extended day program are satisfied. The payment of tuition is a serious commitment
and it is important to stay current in making tuition payments.    

Tuition Information

Set Up Your FACTS Account

Tuition Assistance/Appeals

Avenues of Tuition Assistance

 St. Michael’s Academy is able to offer the following options for tuition assistance to its families. Please note that tuition assistance is typically not available for PreK students.


SMA Tuition Grants: 

St. Michael’s Academy has funding available for families (Catholic and non-Catholic) who demonstrate financial need.  Both income and expenses are taken into consideration. To qualify, you must complete the financial aid application through FACTS and pay an application fee of $35. To do so, please visit: You will need to have your previous year’s income tax forms available.  If you have already completed a FACTS application for Diocesan Financial Aid, you do NOT need to complete a second application.

Average awards range from $250 to $1,000 depending on the number of applications and financial need. We encourage families to apply.

Parish Grants: 

Parish grants are available through local Catholic parishes for parishioners who are in good standing. To qualify for a parish grant, your pastor must complete the “Parish Grant Application” and return it to Nancy DeMars in our Tuition Office.  Upon receipt of the approved Parish Grant Application, the award will be applied to your tuition and your monthly payments will be recalculated.  The amount of your award will be determined by your pastor.  The application must be submitted on an annual basis and is based on parish participation rather than financial need.


Diocesan Financial Aid: 

Diocesan Financial Aid is available for students in kindergarten through grade eight.  Diocesan Financial Aid will be applied to tuition upon notification from the Diocese of Springfield.  Families need only one application to cover all their children enrolled in our Diocesan elementary and high schools.  To qualify for Diocesan Financial Aid, you must submit before June 30th.

To do so, please   visit: 


Appeal of Tuition Assistance Decision

If your application for tuition assistance has been denied and your financial status has changed since you filed your income tax return or you are experiencing financial difficulty, you may appeal your decision. Please contact the tuition office for the appeal form and submit to the Diocese and/or St. Michael’s Academy Business Office.

Returning Student Registration Forms
Returning Student Registration Forms
Registration Form 2022-23
Tuition Information 2022-23
Tuition Agreement Returning Students
Tuition Assistance Information
Parish Grant Form


What are Parents Saying about St. Michael's Academy?

"I continue to be impressed with the depth and breadth of the assignments that you are giving the children during this time of remote learning. It makes me happy that Ryan is still learning so much in his Social Studies, Science, Literature, Spelling & Vocabulary, and Religion classes.

Thanks for all your hard work!"
Tutor of a 4th grade student

"Our son William went from hating school (ok... a strong dislike) to loving school! It is a pleasure watching him skip out of school everyday with a huge smile . We recommend this school 1000% !"
Caroline Scivoletti


Before and After School Program

Before And After School Program

St. Michael’s Academy offers before and after school care to assist working parents with the supervision of their children.

The Before School Program begins at 6:30 a.m. and ends at 8 a.m.

The begins at 3:30 p.m. and ends at 5:30 p.m.

In the morning, the program revolves around quiet time involving playing board games or reading.  This program is held indoors.  In the afternoon, the program includes homework or quiet time as well as supervised play.  The cost of the Before and After School Program (morning and/or afternoon) is separate from the St. Michael’s Academy monthly tuition.

A registration form is mailed to every St. Michael’s Academy family during the summer.  Parents/guardians who are interested in enrolling their children are asked to complete this form and return it to school by the stated date in August.  Children may be enrolled on a day-to-day basis, on a weekly basis, or on a drop-in basis.  

First child:  $4.50 per hour

Second child:  $3 per hour

Third child:  $1.00 per hour

There is a 1 hour minimum charge for each program

 Bills for the Before and After School Program are sent home on Fridays in the family envelope.  The billing period covers the previous Thursday through Wednesday of the current week.  Payment is due upon receipt.  Participation in the Before and After School Program is contingent upon timely payment of your account.   Students may be denied participation in the Before and After School Program when accounts become past due.

 The Before and After School Program is not in session when school is closed (e.g. holidays, snow days, delayed opening, vacation times) and when there is an early dismissal.


Download: Before_and_After_School_Program.pdf

Preschool Admissions

We offer full-day preschool with partial-week options. There are no half-day options for preschool. All preschool applicants must be potty-trained by the time they begin preschool. Please refer to Application Process for additional information. Preschool students are NOT eligible for tuition assistance.

Visit Us
Visit Us
One of the best ways to learn more about St. Michael's Academy is to come and see us in action! We provide several different opportunities for students and families to visit SMA. Questions? Call the Admission Office at 782-5246 ext. 1208.