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Tuition Assistance/Appeals

Avenues of Tuition Assistance

 St. Michael’s Academy is able to offer the following options for tuition assistance to its families. Please note that tuition assistance is typically not available for PreK students.


SMA Tuition Grants

St. Michael’s Academy has funding available for families (Catholic and non-Catholic) who demonstrate financial need.  Both income and expenses are taken into consideration. To qualify, you must complete the financial aid application through FACTS and pay an application fee of $35. To do so, please visit: You will need to have your previous year’s income tax forms available.  If you have already completed a FACTS application for Diocesan Financial Aid, you do NOT need to complete a second application.

Average awards range from $250 to $1,000 depending on the number of applications and financial need. We encourage families to apply.

Parish Grants

Parish grants are available through local Catholic parishes for parishioners who are in good standing. To qualify for a parish grant, your pastor must complete the “Parish Grant Application” and return it to Nancy DeMars in our Tuition Office.  Upon receipt of the approved Parish Grant Application, the award will be applied to your tuition and your monthly payments will be recalculated.  The amount of your award will be determined by your pastor.  The application must be submitted on an annual basis and is based on parish participation rather than financial need.


Diocesan Financial Aid

Diocesan Financial Aid is available for students in kindergarten through grade eight.  Diocesan Financial Aid will be applied to tuition upon notification from the Diocese of Springfield.  Families need only one application to cover all their children enrolled in our Diocesan elementary and high schools.  To qualify for Diocesan Financial Aid, you must submit before June 30th.

To do so, please   visit: 


Appeal of Tuition Assistance Decision

If your application for tuition assistance has been denied and your financial status has changed since you filed your income tax return or you are experiencing financial difficulty, you may appeal your decision. Please contact the tuition office for the appeal form and submit to the Diocese and/or St. Michael’s Academy Business Office.