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Set Up/Access Your FACTS Account

Enrolling in a FACTS payment plan:

1. To begin the enrollment in FACTS process, please have the following information ready:

     - The name, address and email address of the person responsible for making the payments.

     - The bank name, bank telephone number, bank routing number, and bank acount number. A checking or savings account may be used. You also have the option of using a credit card for payments. Please be aware that if you use a credit card, you will be assessed a 2.5% fee by the FACTS Company at the time of each use. Please have your credit card available when beginning your agreement.


2.  Click here to set up account. This link will take you to the FACTS Tuition Management Plan login page. To create a new account, click on the "start here" link.


Please note that this is also the website that you can complete a tuition assistance application through. This application will require you to upload your previous year's tax returns and your W2 forms. The grant awards are income based but your expenses are also taken into consideration.

For More Information

Contact Nancy DeMars in the St. Michael's Academy Tuition Office at 782-5246

for further assistance in completing the process.