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Science Fair Winners 2019

 Through the Air: Projects where something “flew” through the air.

1st – What Flies Further? – Owen Kenyon

2nd – Bat vs. Bat – Mateo Munoz-Martinez

3rd – Taking on Heights – Justin Tran


Build Your Own: Projects where the tester needed to build something in order to conduct the experiment.

1st – The Manometer! – Christina Sitnik

2nd – Vroom, Vroom… - Tracetta Caudle

3rd – Rollercoasters – Siobhan Walsh


Around the House: Projects that could be conducted from everyday items found around the house.

1st – TIE  - Temperatures Effect on Elasticity – Isabella Principe AND Orbeez Time – Jadeline Hernandez

2nd – Paper Strong – Olivia Puppolo

3rd – I Smell Pennies – Marina Ayala


Odds and Ends: Projects that exhibit a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

1st – Electroplating – Liam Russell

2nd – A Smoke Ring Launcher – Jessica Kenyon

3rd – Heavy Metal Flow – Luna Pham


Food Science – Projects that were conducted using food or edible products.

1st – Preservation of Meat – Nghi Hua

2nd – Fruits and Magnets – Ethan Velez

3rd – Will It Stain – Jillian McKay