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St. Michael's Academy students have continued to use Moby Max especially over the summer months in an effort to keep student skills fresh.  Throughout the school year, students have spent time working on Moby Max as part of computer class instructional time and have learned how to log on and access the learning tools more effectively.  Providing an opportunity for students to strengthen individual skills, master previously taught information, and explore new concepts supports the learning goals of St. Michael’s Academy.  All current students are registered for a Moby Max account and new students will be registered through the school office as their registration is completed.

Every summer, Ms. Dougal’s Moby Max Summer Challenge requires all students entering grades 1-5 to complete a total of 240 Moby Max minutes to earn a free dress down day during the first week of school.  Students entering grades 6-8 complete a total of 480 Moby Max minutes  to earn their free dress down day during the first week of school.

Login in to Moby Max by clicking here